Setline Gear for Fresh Water Fish Sampling

For 20 years Columbia Research Specialists, LLC has conducted extensive fish sampling projects utilizing freshwater setline gear.

Setline methodology for fish data collection is common within ocean fisheries; however, this system for inland freshwater sampling on smaller fish has been limited within the scientific community. 

Our gear lengths, weights, and hook sizes have all been downsized from the traditional gear to target relatively smaller inland fish. The freshwater sampling gear has been refined to capture multiple species from 150 mm to 800 mm in length. The gear has been proven to be target specific and has a low level of mortality. 

To date, over 700,000 fish have been sampled with the gear and over 98% of incidentally encountered fish have been released unharmed. 

Our setline system provides a thorough sampling of freshwater fish species from all depths, currents, substrates, and seasons.

For additional information on the setline gear and how it may be applicable to your fish sampling needs, please contact us.

Quality field collection and data analysis

Columbia Research Specialists, LLC has a background in collaborating with local agencies relating to fish research in the Mid-Columbia. We provide skilled crews operating multiple research vessels to fulfill your project requirements. Our goal is to provide you with safe and dependable service to meet the data collection needs of your organization.

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